Easy! This Is How To Make A Blog To Succeed And Make Money


How to Create a Blog on Blogger.com - Before you know what a blog is? Okay, for you who don't know yet, so the blog is a page or site that can be accessed via the internet.

Building a blog is not as easy as you ever thought. Because, we must be diligent and have a strategy so that our blog becomes crowded and qualified. Lots of bloggers who have succeeded in their journey. Like sugeng.id, maxmanroe.com, and klikmania.net.

The advantage of being a blogger, besides being able to be a useful person for other people, you can also get a pretty exciting income. For how to get money from blogs, it is quite diverse. You can open endorse services, content placements, and also become an adsense publisher.

So what is adsense? Adsense is a program from Google that bloggers can use to gain profits through advertising. So the adsense will pay you if the ads placed on your blog get clicks or visits.
The point is the key to successful blogger don't stop in the middle of the road. Lots of beginner bloggers who fail because they are inconsistent and easy to give up.

How are you ready to become a blogger? Let's make you ready, please note the five things you need to know if you want to create a blog. Learn more about the following.

Five Things You Need To Watch If You Want To Create A Blog To Succeed

1. Don't depend on money


Our goal is to create a blog to earn income. But don't always make it the main target. Because the most important thing is the quality of the blog, if your blog is good, you will get money later.
So basically the main thing that makes a blog successful is quality not money. Money can be the second benchmark.

Because many bloggers fail because they expect money without paying attention to the quality of the blog.

2. Lots of reading and learning

IDN Times

The task of bloggers is not far from reading and writing. To be able to provide information through writing, of course you must be rich in information. For that, read more. You can read information on the internet, magazines and books.

3. Determine topics for blogs that are interesting for you and others


To be able to create good content, then you must be obliged to choose a topic that you master and of course interesting.

If you create a topic that you don't understand, of course your content will be damaged and irregular. Remember, don't copy other people's content, because it can have a bad impact on your blog.

You must be able to analyze which topic material can be a target for your blog. For example, your passion is traveling. Now you can create content about traveling. You can provide material about recommendations for tourist attractions, traveling tips, or something else.

4. You must prepare a blogging strategy


Before starting a blog, you have to do a lot of planning in terms of strategy and implementation. For example, you have a target to post a blog once a day. Now that is a target that you can make a benchmark for developing your blog.

Besides that you can make a strategy so that your blog is crowded with visitors. Then how? The way you can rely on SEO. So what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a way to optimize your blog or content to appear on the first page of search engines.

For how to make the blog appear on the first page of Google, it's quite easy. You can rely on SEO Onpage and Offpage techniques. So that you understand better, you can learn it here.

5. Choose a platform and domain name for your blog


In the platform there are 2 terms, namely hosted and self-hosted, each of which has advantages.
Hosted means your blog hangs on their website at no cost. So you won't have a pure, self-owned website. While the self-hosted is the opposite. You create your own website, for example with the WordPress platform. This website will be yours 100%, but you have to pay for the domain name and hosting.

If you are serious about blogging, it's better to use self-hosted because it will be better and more professional. But if you have less capital, it doesn't matter. You can use hosted.
If you have chosen a platform, then you must create a domain name that fits your niche blog. Don't make a name that is too long and try to make a name that is unique and easy to remember.

How to Create a Blog on Blogger.com

1. Open the Blogger.com web page, where you will find a page with the image below. If you already have a Google account, please log in. If not, please click Create an Account.

2. Then fill Display Name for blogger profile

3. Then select CREATE NEW BLOG

4. Then, fill in the name and address of your blog, if you have chosen Create blog!

5. If you can test the content in the Posts >> New Post

6. Try to learn how to make quality articles, you can also add images in the article to be more alive. Try to notice some of the menus in the article box. I'm sure you can understand it yourself.

7. When finished click the Publish button and you will be delivered to the content list page like this. To see the results of your writing, click View blog.

8. Here it is, the results of the blog that you just created are, easy right?

Now if you have created a blog, your next step is to optimize the template and content. If so, you only learn how to earn money on a blog. For the way, please click the link below

Now that's how to make a blog easily. How do you understand from the discussion above? If so, I'll wait for your new blog.

Hopefully this article can be useful for you, especially those who are looking for information about how to create a blog.

If you like this article, you can share it with your friends. Thank you:)

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